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These are a few of our favorite things:

UNC Charlotte
World Poker Tour
Monster House
Tech TV



Welcome to our website!

Check out the photo gallery for new pictures.



Cool Stuff!

Wedding Pictures! Click here for our wedding photos, there will be more coming soon! If prompted for a password use "06192004" Collect them all!
We got married June 19th! Get all the details here!
Ed's Work Cam
Click here to see what Ed really does at work! (Jenn says: Not much.)
Photo Gallery
Pan Flute, need we say more? Also lots of swell pictures of
Jenn and Ed

House News
We bought a house! Pictures are in the photo gallery!

Jenn's Blog
An occasional update of the things in Jenn's life.
Ed's Blog. Yes, Ed can read! Apparently sometimes he writes as well!
Ed's Camera Phone
See photos from Ed's new camera phone.


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